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Other Volunteer Descriptions


President – the President chairs meetings; is the principal representative of the SBPSTA; annually appoints the Swim Team’s league representatives and the A-Meet and B-Meet Managers; appoints all committees and committee chairs; serves as the liaison between the parents and the Swim Team coaches: and has co-signing authority/responsibility on any checks issued by the SBPSTA that exceed an amount of $5000.00

Vice President – The Vice President chairs meetings; assumes the duties of the President in the President’s absence; and has co-signing authority/responsibility on any checks issued by the SBPSTA that exceed an amount of $5000.00.

Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all the fiscal aspects of the SBPSTA; and keeps the membership informed of the SBPSTA financial status. The fiscal year of the SBPSTA is equal to the calendar year. The Treasurer manages the checking account(s) of the SBPSTA, and has sole signatory authority/responsibility on any checks issued by the SBPSTA for amounts up to $5000.00. Any checks issued by the SBPSTA that exceed $5000.00 require a co-signature of either the President or Vice President.

Secretary – The Secretary writes, submits for approval, and files the minutes of the SBPSTA meetings; handles any SBPSTA-related correspondence; and maintains all files of SBPSTA minutes and correspondence.

A Meet Manager – Organizes and sets up all home A meets; and coordinates with opposing team A meet manager for away meets. Recruits volunteers, oversees setup and cleanup.

B Meet Manager – Same responsibilities of A Meet Manager, for B meets. Also schedules B meets during off-season.


5K Committee – Helps to plan the annual 5K (securing permits, recruiting sponsors, assisting with apparel, recruiting course marshals and other volunteers, buying supplies, helping with course set-up, assisting onsite on race day, etc.)

Annual Membership Campaign Chair – Manage annual fundraising mail campaign.

Awards Banquet Set-up & Dinner Committee – Assist with planning, set-up, invitations, catering order, etc. for annual awards banquet.

Buddy Breakfast – Plans and organizes annual Buddy Breakfast (donuts, bagels, fruit, milk, juice.

Dolphin Dance Coordinator – Organizes and produces annual Dolphin Dance (music, sound system, decorations and lights, snack sign-up, set-up and clean-up).

Dolphin Games Coordinator – Organizes and supervises Tuesday night Dolphin Games and Raft Night (clears schedule with pool manager, brings snacks and bug spray, ensures additional parents are on hand to help).

Ice Cream Social Coordinators – Organizes and plans the annual Ice Cream Social.

Jelly Bean Meet Coordinators – Organizes and runs the annual Jelly Bean Meet (advertise/publicize, make candy bags, order ribbons, recruit volunteers).

Parents’ Party – Hosting – Schedule and host the annual parents’ party. Provide paper goods, soft drinks, snacks, one entrée, and adult beverages if desired. Other food/drink is potluck.

Pasta Party Coordination & Clean-up – Organizes set-up and food for weekly Pasta Party; ensures that supplies are stocked.

Swim-a-thon Chair – Organizes and manages annual swim-a-thon. Recruit volunteers, buy donuts and pizza, track results, buy prize or award for most laps and most $ raised.


Volunteer Coordinator – Manages volunteer list; recruits volunteers to fill season-long volunteer positions.

Appreciation Gifts – With a team of volunteers, works with swimmers to make handmade volunteer appreciation gifts for the annual banquet.

Awards Banquet Program – Compiles and produces banquet program, and is responsible for printing.

Bugle Articles – Writes articles for the neighborhood newsletter.

Business Fundraising and Team Directory Advertising – Recruits business sponsors for the team.

League Representative – Serves as team representative to the PMSL. Attends league meetings, communicates updates to the team, distributes PMSL handbooks.

League Representative – Alternate – Serves as alternate to the League Representative.

New Family Welcomes – Organizes new family welcomes for the first pasta party.

Official Dolphin Swim & Sportswear – Chair – Oversees spirit wear and team suits. Places orders with vendors, oversees shirt design and product selection, manages online store, reconciles cash with Treasurer.

Official Dolphin Swim & Sportswear – Team – Assists the Chairperson; sells merchandise, organizes team orders of spirit wear, Divisionals apparel, etc.

Paper Plate Awards – Oversees Paper Plate Awards. Works with a group of volunteers to write awards and design paper plates.

Slide Show Producer – Produces slide show for end-of-season banquet. Collects photos, designs the presentation, selects music, uploads to website.

SSL Hours Book – Keeps SSL hours log for buddy practice volunteers; distributes completed SSL forms at the end of the season.

Supplies Manager – Monitors pasta party supply inventory; buys more as needed.

Swim Team Records Board – Updates record board.

Team Directory – Produces annual team directory. Gathers photos, gathers data (names, contact info), does layout and design.

Team Historian – Maintains team history.

Team Photo Coordinator – Coordinates team picture. Works with team photographers and parents to gather photos for the website and slide show.

Team Photographers – Takes photos at meets and events; shares photos with Slide Show Producer and Directory Coordinator.

Trophies – Orders trophies for end-of-season banquet. Works with coaching staff to gather information for high-points awards, coaches’ awards, etc.

Webmaster – Manages team website. 

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