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Swim Meet Volunteers

It takes a lot of volunteers to run a swim meet. Volunteer sign ups are available here. Sign ups for the entire season will be available before the Blue/White meet. Please do not wait until the week before a meet to sign up. Please sign up now. If you have questions about a specific volunteer position, please contact Meet Manager Karen Purdy. 

We are in need of more Stroke and Turn Judges. If you are interested in training to be a Stroke & Turn Judge, Starter or Referee please contact Meet Manager Karen Purdy.

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Swim Meet Volunteer Descriptions

A Meet Manager – Organizes and sets up all home A meets; and coordinates with opposing team A meet manager for away meets. Recruits volunteers, oversees setup and cleanup.

B Meet Manager – Same responsibilities of A Meet Manager, for B meets. Also schedules B meets during off-season.

Referee – Needs PMSL Certification. Familiar with USA Swimming rules governing Freestyle, Breast, Back and Butterfly strokes.Runs the meet. Has full authority over all officials, enforces rules and decisions of PMSL, decides all questions relating to the actual conduct of the meet. Signals heats to get ready to swim and move to the edge of the pool, turns start over to Starter. Observes each heat for false starts, other rule violations. Reviews disqualifications from Stroke and Turn Judges.

Starter –Needs PMSL certification. Announces event and heat, directs swimmers to “take your mark,” sounds the starting signal, observes for false starts, recalls swimmers as needed.

Stroke & Turn Judge – Needs PMSL Certification. Familiar with USA Swimming rules governing Freestyle, Breast, Back and Butterfly strokes.Observes all races to ensure rules related to the style of swimming designated, including starts and turns, are being observed. Report all disqualifications to the Referee.

Team Data Manager – Needs Hy-Tek training. Runs HyTek system during meets; assists coaching staff with meet program and line-up, reports results to team and league, analyzes results for coach.

Assistant Data Manager – Serves as alternate for Data Manager; and assists him/her at meets. See Data Manager description.

Head Judge – With Referee and Head Timer, compiles roster of qualified officials. Reviews time sheets for each event and turns the over to Hy-Tek Operator.

Team Representative – Observes the meet from the deck; accepts DQ slips and turns them in to scoring table. Works with team rep of opposing team to address concerns or disagreements.

Announcer – Announces events, announces heats, works with referee to keep meet on schedule, plays music, responsible for sound system set-up and operation.

Clerk of Course – Lines swimmers up in heats and lanes for each event. Sends swimmers to start end of pool and onto pool deck. Keeps order among swimmers from both teams.

Head Timer – Oversees timers from both teams. Instructs timers to clear watches after each time is recorded. Lets Referee know timers are ready for next event. Provides back-up timing as needed. Experience timing required.

Timer – Stands at the end of the pool. Uses a stopwatch to time each race.

Runner – At the end of each event, collects time sheets from timers and delivers them to the Data Table.

Heat Winner Ribbons – Gives a Heat Winner Ribbon to the winner of each heat.

Ribbons – Prints ribbons for swimmers; orders new ribbons as needed. Assists opposing team's ribbon writer at away meets.

Ribbons Assistant – Assists Ribbon Writer as needed.

Hospitality – Make sure water coolers at each end of the pool are filled, trash is picked up and cups are available. Check in with Timers and officials periodically to see if they need anything (food, drinks, etc.)

Bake Sales Chair – Organizes and runs the home meet bake sale. Includes counting money and reconciling with Treasurer.

Bake Sale Helper – Assists Bake Sale Chair in set-up (1st shift), sales, and clean -up (last shift.) Home Saturday meets only.

Bake Sale Donations – The team runs a bake sale at each Saturday home meet. The Bake Sale is a lucrative fundraiser for the team. Bake Sale profits help keep registration fees low. Items requested for donation include bagels, doughnuts, coffee, bottled drinks and other items. Please see the meet sign up for specific items requested. Donations should be dropped off at the Bake Sale before or during warm-ups. Some items can be dropped off at the pasta party the night before the meet. Please talk to the Bake Sale Chair to coordinate item drop off before Saturday morning.

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